Me and My TV

by Eliquate



Written and Produced by Elliot Wright. Elliot really hopes you all like it. He is excited to share it with you. This is his 5th album and 1st time writing about it 3rd person.


released April 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Eliquate Santa Cruz, California

“If all we have are dreams, then dream big,” spits Elliot Wright, frontman and philosopher for the five-piece, California Beat Rock troubadours, Eliquate, on their latest EP, Who The F*ck is Eliquate? Packing an arsenal of rhymes that range from satirical social commentary and inner-soul searching to all-out, shake-your-ass-‘til-the floor-is-wet jams... ... more

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Track Name: F@#$ F@#$ F@#$
What's wrong with stability
looking after what I have revealed to be
the only thing that matters is how happy the pattern is
attention thats been scattered but now we're focused out of it
YOU! are the future, sorry we introduced you
to a world that is left so rattled by institutionalized
poverty in a need to make it work
categorizing me as the one who shot first
the cog in this wheel, trying to make it worth
the cause that I steal and pause in this birth
and worse is the knowing and still doing the wrong thing
food put on the table by hoping that the alarm rings

It's nice to be innocent, oh lord it's nice to be innocent
Wake up we wake up, we wake up, we wake up to say
It's nice to be innocent, oh lord it's nice to be innocent
Wake up we wake up, we wake up, we wake up to say

It was all in your best interest
solutions aren't pretty if we only seek the simplest
if people knew half of what went in this
they wouldn't view the cure as worse than all the symptoms
begin this idea, we where meant to make it
simian exceptionalism for homo Sapiens
break it down to nothing a pestilential statement
we where not meant to live here, just vacation
sorry is irrelevant when all is turned to dust
barring our intelligence enough is not enough
it's my job, create security shoot first and trust
the world will find it's purity once it's rid of us
Track Name: Ray Bradbury
The skeleton sits in a chair fully clothed
As the tv switches through pre recorded shows
The lights begin to turn on slowly as the sun sets
The auto setting fade to night that has yet to be upset
The toilet's auto setting flushes roughly every 3 days
To keeps the pipes from rusting and maintaining a neat space
Not one dish sits in the automatic sink
This whole house planned out so no one had to think about
the fact Living was inefficient, nary an instinct
was needed, just proceeded to care for the thin link
between man and machine was all just programing
The vacancy was noticed by no one the whole damn thing
Just kept right on as if humans never happened
essence of efficiency fully automatic
the dust bots make sure the floor stays reflective
The doors auto lock made sure nothing was protected
Just out side the motion tracking camera
focused on a shadowy gaunt looking animal
by nature of it still beating heart the stamina
needed the advantage of not seeing the damage and
not being attached to a standard of living
eating out of trash cans ever since the beginning
but but a world of efficiency makes tough for scavengers
the streets had all been cleaned up no scraps so he had to search
from home to home but alas found only houses
void of inhabitance the gadgets that seemed to out live
their masters as the house responded to the scratches
with the same cold nothing that cleaned up the disasters
with his last bit strength the dog began to cry
house sat silent as the dog slowly dies
on the back porch with no one to see that it needed food
10101 had a job to do...
Track Name: Not Be So Sure
I see a fight inside of you hiding beneath the padded gloves
Internal rival that has never had enough
Compatible with the fight that left me tattered up
Added what little shred of light made to scatter us
I rather not use a coffin rather scatter ashes
Rather remain lost in rather hoping it lasted
Adam flocked to Eve for excuse to chew the apple
Now Eve is calling Adam out for acting like an asshole
But please thank you you're welcome are not going to help him
We seize this feeling helpless and know it because we felt it
So tape up you knuckles doc you have to cut me
Opponent chuckles I ask if she is feeling lucky
13 rounds later we are in our corners
Hurting something major and vowing to cut the cords
If one more word is said that is not meant
This door will shut in silence the silence will not bend
Next time
I will, not be so sure
Meanwhile back in the locker room rocking dream smiles
The team celebrates a victory it seems wiled
Save for the captain sitting solo and wishing he tried
Harder to enjoy the moment and didn't need trials
Addicted to conflict but afraid of confrontation
Affliction for a kind hint entangled aspirations
What a fucking time it's been memories for ages
Such a sap for timelessness lately find my patience
Is gone and I don't see it coming back
I'm wrong more often than I am correct
This song is not in light of what I lack
Strong has become my desire for respect
Yes I except this know no regrets if
I could go back I would go in a second
accept a certain amount of missed exits
Never could I guessed that this is best it gets
Track Name: Gone
By now you noticed certain themes repeating
as much as we tried to escape this lack of meaning
you tricked us, how dare you so dutifly careful
so rooted in their truth nothing else to compare to
why? why is knowing I'm alive become an obstacle
realizing I don't know exactly who I'm talking
futility, knowing too much for no reason.
ability, using what I know to make achievements
instilled in me for better or worse a sense of purpose
offers no refuge just makes it more discursive
god damn it. It's the reason I live
and that's as literal as I feel I'm trying to get
the beauty in the senseless on this I'm obsessed
the line that rest in subtext is all I got left,
so bye bye gone for good futility why try
to know more than this, that this was a pretty good life

It's gone and never coming back

Well folks we did it.
seems that we have made a problem
that we cannot contain yet so smoke em if ya got em
thanks for giving us a chance to live in your establishment
incase you can't tell, I'm using sarcasm
as a coping tool so soften exactly just how bad it
terrifies me to know that on average
most people die and they never see it coming
the man in the back pajamas so smooth and cunning
the dark after the storm from whence I came running
maybe could avoid if something becomes nothing
the seas don't cease boiling and just not stomach
how out of my hands it's become and from it
I can tumble backwards embracing the plummet
accountable for actions because it's so sudden
awoken from a dream about a terrible accident
to find myself the passenger when the driver is absent thus
Track Name: The Thing About Dynamite
The thing about dynamite is that it's just
it's indiscriminate and simple, it simply combusts
it's the intention of use that's the source of it's evil
catalytic driving force that is better know as people
an equal reaction is all that we have asked for
a way to hit the streets when we are dropped upon the last floor
that's more important than protection from ourselves
because when push becomes oppression aggression becomes shells
but hell, we're a nation built on the backs of unrest
a possession of arms and a tendency to forget
when cause for alarm breeds a cause for a threat
this causes alarm and it lodges regret
in our want to remember all the rendering gets
a bit pixelated and the sender is vexed
fix this so favorite stories can still inspire men
to not be so careful and take aim when firing

let's say that for the sake of being argumentative
the same argument is getting so repetitive
it's how we planed it and we never abandoned
the plan it was all along to be cannibals god damn it

The thing about chaos, is that it's fair
indiscriminate and simple, it simply doesn't care
about the path of it's destruction or the way it gets compared
to worst parts of our nature because malice is not impaired
by any form of order because the "plan" is to be sure
that they all don't have enough while at the dame time I need more
random has no intent, just like the Lord
I'm talking new NEW testament not the God we knew before
not the God that left to waist the awful Sodom and Gomorra
but the god that left or lean broken dreams and rotting floors
and if there is a pattern then I simply can't ignore
that God is a real fucking asshole his plans have no remorse
so let this be the happenstance we worship and adore
because it gives us half a chance to have control of what's in store
all hail the binary system, it's live or die
the only thing that stays consistent is a fatalistic hind sight
Track Name: David Cronenberg
I'm like David "why are you showing me this" Cronenberg
maybe over exposure is something I have learned
Works when you work it it's perfect to circumvent the truth
Perks of a purpose is hurting the ones who turn to you
for answers answer is manic just keep dancing
the panic don't set in till you notice that all the glances
Are standing there and abandoning nothing is how plan it
This planet has fucking left you best you can do is vanish
Candid I think they can you forgot your meds today
Your talking is getting frantic and saying what you had meant to say
In private I don't care about the fucking aftermath
I only care to know what the fuck it is that your laughing at
Your crazy! I am just passionate with a little twist
Of acting like the asshole I learned to be as a little kid
Maybe I am insane for thinking myself immortal
Or maybe your all the same and insane is the new normal.

Go on and get down with your bad self
like the parts of you that make you feel embarrassed
Go on and get down with your bad self
or the parts you don't introduce to her parents
Go on and get down with your bad self

I don't taste the fruits of labor the flavor is self repeating
Defining the word insane it's same and its self repeating
The aim has been for comfort and blame my self repeating l
The same over and over and over and self defeating
My name is my identity cape mask and hair cut
Games are made for playing life is for taking care of
Tear up the plan A Serci the Ned Stark
the night is full of terrors and ending up at the start
Nothing is absolution freedom is rock bottom
Cutting up all the blue prints demons and cop Gotham
Got em a lost cause and sugar pill he can swallow
Fucking a lost God hallow be me tomorrow
I swear to me I am not nothing like I prepared to be
Salty and cantankerous immature and embarrassing
Carving my initials in pyramids and up steep hills
Medication is low so I'm going to get a refill.
Track Name: Not Subtle
Thought it was a simple case of answer yes or no
I didn't think that it would take me to the where flesh would decompose
A meekish tone was what I had expected when I grabbed the phone
But pleasantly surprised to hear a females then say "hello"
This girl had done her homework though sheepish I still felt exposed
Never understanding just exactly where this talk would go
I told about my muses and my need for making music
Soon the conversation shifted out from underneath amusement
I had opened up my tummy dumped the contents on the floor
There was a calming sense of urgency I simply can't ignore
And I have never felt so natural. It's nothing like the others
Round the bases home we started talking on my mother
Maybe it's the fact that my sex life is a fossil,
maybe I just miss the smell of shampoo in the nostril
7 turned 8, 9, 10 turned to all night
I couldn't think of nothing else but having target in my sight
I am puffing up my feather by sending over rough cuts
Thinking of forevers as my brain can't keep my mouth shut
First contact in the am song title Prayer emoji
Heart high fiveing tonsils sweaty hands are thinking oh jeez
Engaging the conversation always leaving with a question,
then acting I ain't checking my phone every 5 seconds.

I do this to myself I like to call it pre nostalgic
Introduced through sound waves spoke on life and favorite albums
Placed upon a pedestal of impossible standards
Cool Ethan I'm not chest of drums and tiny hammers
I'm building my own horse to fill with all these eager Spartans
Helen sows the beast a brain a lung a shoves a feeble heart in
I've departed from my reason and I just want you to like me
Can't see it how it is can only see it how it might
Play it cool not my playlist, I hint and ask for your
Suddenly I am excited on something I thought was shit before
Shift it for I am not gifted I just spit the lore
Of stories told a thousand times defense is speaking cryptic more
Some dudes simply say they think of love being an ocean
Mines a tangled vine of nuance and over used emotions
I must know more about you... It's becoming obsessive
Check box yes or no a class note was friend requested
Poly sci posts voyerist of all the pictures
Try to get to know you through this person you've enlisted
Listen, I'm not as creepy or persistent
As this song may make it seem I'm simply saying there a difference
Between my hopes and dream you can feel free to just dismiss
If nothing else I feel alive and faithful of my mission
Social media is one fucked up and twisted mistress
As I stumble through your profile box is checked relationship, shit,
Track Name: Man-Wolf
He awoke to find his hands all covered in blood
terrified it might have belonged to somebody he loved
he tried to make sense of what happened abrupt
was the feeling this was not the first time this happened thus
Reactions decreased it was becoming more frequent
shut his eyes trying to recall the whole sequence of events minded the same as last weekend pause, breath, relax, blood needs reason
Freaking out a little turned the tv on to see if
perhaps his actions were tonight's feature
Sure enough, there is was 3 teens deceased in
Animalistic fashion all ripped up to pieces
Jesus, how could I have done this I can't believe what
I have become when I thought that I was sleeping
Some kind of beast, monster or great demon
Coupled with that fear was a strange feeling of freedom

I don't mind that I know I'm not going anywhere, not going anywhere.

I'm here on the scene of unbelievable carnage
Three teens seemingly eaten, left in the garbage
This hard ship reminds us that...
The tv went on to regard this
as one in a series of murders that all started
Two weeks prior on an unsuspecting evening
Witnesses identified the culprit as being
roughly six three, with sharp teeth, eyes beaming
Becoming something special when he thought he had been sleeping
Finally saw himself as different from the pack
And animal in his nature with everything they had lack
And though this would make him a target to be hunted
At least he was something that the people really wanted
Fodder for folk lore, a legend to be confronted
only by the bravest of men and although some did
See him as an evil he knew the village would envy
This new feeling of substance where others were left empty

He thought man kind will revel and tell the tail of my passing
A lasting glory you can't ask for laughing
Basked in how notorious he had been acting
Applying a profound deeper meaning to his happening
Just then remembered as he climbed into bed
A humble feeling as the television said
The beast was caught and presumed dead
How can this be, I'm the one in need of the capture
I'm the terrible one causing all this disaster
History will recall of those so scared of me
Just then reality flipped polarity
Looking at his hands, which were totally clean
It seems he wasn't as bad as he wanted to believe
Assumptions are assumptions and we get what we need
Growing on the notion that he became the beast.