by Eliquate



This is a collection of song with a variety of talented producers.


released July 17, 2015

Pat Messy
Genesis 7 productions
Dope sick beats
The Cure
Foster the People
Panic at the Disco


all rights reserved



Eliquate Santa Cruz, California

“If all we have are dreams, then dream big,” spits Elliot Wright, frontman and philosopher for the five-piece, California Beat Rock troubadours, Eliquate, on their latest EP, Who The F*ck is Eliquate? Packing an arsenal of rhymes that range from satirical social commentary and inner-soul searching to all-out, shake-your-ass-‘til-the floor-is-wet jams... ... more

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Track Name: Tony Robins (beat by Pat Messy)
Did you know that an apple has as much caffeine
As cup of coffee, now doesn't that just seem
Like if said with enough conviction it could be true
It's not things that are true require proof
Did you know there are no homeless people in Connecticut
That stat might be a bit unsettling
For the 2000 homeless people who make the
Proof its not true I just made that shit up
No bother how dismissive manipulating facts can be
Parogative simplicity people react to anything
Take this and shove it 12 inches up your rectum
No results? That's odd, what did you expect duh?
That's fine at least the bunk treatment is free
O wait no it's not it costs a lot of fucking money
Did you know we are all being watched by a holy god then
Walk across fire and pray for tony Robbins.

You got the Lowe you got the power say

The master of mouth poops the doctorate dr. Lipshitz
Everything I learned from movies and good prescriptions
Seldom do I yurn for the truth just give me quick quips
Something I can digest and pass to the next victim
Who needs facts with headlines and sound bites
Trust be to googling anything if it sounds right
Or better yet if it offers some form of salvation
Or answers an unanswerable question with a statement
Of purpose like I know happens after you die
Or I can get the weight off so you dont have to try
Or all you have to is this and self improvement
Is yours I'll take the money, and no you don't look stupid
You look empowered and well informed a head of the curve
I'm not in it for the money i do this so you can learn
Or not I don't really care as long as you bought in
Eat it eat it eat it mother fucking tony Robbins.

2+2 is 5
see the truth keep you alive
in frigid climates if you climb
When givin inches taking miles
it's a construct of a mind imagining what oh find
if to could just be so inclined to make more than never mind the fact its just a lie a device of a flawed design
or fear it could be true this time,
but by and by what ever it takes to make you break the line from all thats takin I'm not the one to judge you I'm
one to check to the facts and still take what I am givin but you can relax its just a sign of how we're living
Been a taxing sensation feeling I'm self helpless
But all I want is truth i simply can not help it
Track Name: Guide (beat by Pat Messy)
And I just can not chase it dreams of backpacks and basements
Abstract achievement formative in their placement.
Time laps by years of travel at a pace that
Takes more to swim out than saved for the way back
Gone 10 years and still going strong but
Damned if the current isn't keeping me in harm's
Way way way back stroke feeling safe act
Sane for the quote relay there is hope that
All of this will go according to the plan that
I just do not know I really understand at
Least I can say it was fun while it lasted
Savor the good times and run for the casket
Tragic only in the way i reacted
Allowing the best of me be swayed by distractions
Im asking you to celebrate my passion
So I can look forward to a future not passing.

Guide me I thought I'd do better than this
but its clear I have missed something
I know its hard to tell,
but you don't really know me all that well

There is no excuse for lazy,
watching my peers past me I must be crazy
Letting the years stack back to back maybe
Is all that I have to battle aging like maybe
I could get paid for entertaining like maybe
I could like make the grade not have to fade away
And say that hey at least I'm great at saying I am great
At the gAme I'm not playing but scathing by my complaining.
Lately I feel the brunt of what is best for me
Except defeat and move on will never be excepted see
This is a process, at least that's what I tell myself
Exhausted but restless little lies do always help
And I'm gonna see if I can last a little longer
What does not kill you will only make you stronger
With the exception of cancer non terminal diseases
Injuries emotional scars and passing seasons
Track Name: Support Group (produced by Snack One)
Going off the notion that this to shall pass
A glass half full mentality in a room set at half mast
Cigarettes and coffee and doughnuts symbol the stand together
The same I can do this mask we all think so clever
Hello my name is I am a name it
Hello your name is just think of us as neighbors
We shall be saved but I can't trust the pavement
my rock bottom voyage serves as a means of entertainment
I need to make the monotonous repetition seem interesting
I'm not that fucked up just bored and into tinkering
With things that link the dream of becoming one with this symphony
Simply put I am here for more simplicity
Attaching weight to ankles and angling up that flight of stairs
Getting my rocks off with a healthy dose of who the hell cares
Been held their for while so smile it's like my health care
Symbols of the trials been A while I find my help there

You earned the right to walk away and tell me I suck, and my success thus far has been a proof that my luck is more than average, the only thing not average about me is the fact
That I'm more average than these fuckers around me

I see lots of me's no shits like colostomy
Lost belief I have been happy with watching see
I don't wanna hafta heed the advice you give thought to be
Me doing everything I need to be me's with an apostrophe
S symbols proving that I do possess
My own key to the door I ignore for my test
Is yes yes yes no no I don't know what's best for me
Let's just let almost be fresh like eventually
I can see the sent of freedom keeps me like a centipede
Mouth meets ass in the convo of the century
Help me outlast my own propensity
For feeling like an outcast and keeping that preventing me
Giving more than two shits the three shits express
Leaves in about 10 minutes all the time left
Has been spent trying to pry my lazy ass of that couch
Stretch Reach down, grab leg, place foot in mouth.

You have the right to walk away and tell me I suck
And my success thus far has been proof that my luck
Is more than average the only thing not average about me
Is I feel that I am a averaged than all these mother fuckers around me
Track Name: Genesis (produced by Genesis 7 Productions)
But now the show starts, mask on feeling all my woe is gone
Momentary blissfully escape as if nothing's wrong
Love is on stage as it plays I am wonder strong
Nothing in my way it's my place on this thunder ball
Sweaty on partly describes what your hugging on
Everything I got in that vibe as if from beyond
Came to me a voice said son your were made for it
There was never really any choice now the same chorus
Plays as the devil and the d made a name touring
Tribute best song ever save the rain forest
Flyer on the wall outdated as the rec room
You are not us but I guess we must except you
Standing in the rain trying sell umbrellas
Ella quate be the gang get jealous
Tell us what does it take to sell us
Fellas mistake passion for zealots
Track Name: Close to Me (Music by The Cure)
Inside my head I feel like kevin Mcallister is
is home alone two setting traps making challenges
And I the sticky bandits trigger then so willingly
You ask me how and why these bricks to face are not killing me
And I don't have an answer habitually make a silly dream
Be nothing more than banter and cooler than it could really seem
I ran around the back to try and trick myself to act right
The plan of my attack was to specific and now a not quite
Exists where once yes dominated head space
Now everything's a second guess or wrapped with mental red tape
A haze that lays upon me as I sleep the day away
A friend of mine who lost it in a much more literal way
Not sleeping exhausting but options are only stay awake
And hate myself the next day and tell myself today I'll change
I tend to keep my mouth shut though I have a lot to say
It ain't so and so I hope that everything will be just great
Great great great why do good things always make me wait
I want to rock a faster pace disastrous as passing days
Have to break at some point this can't go on till past the grave
I have to say that that's the way I like it when I have to face
a problem got em all up steady all up in my calling
Be so much easier if I was more the alcoholic
Type who didn't think so much let the chips lay as they fall if
All in all and all of y'all could listen to me balling
And it's not nearly as easy as imagined
I clearly have a need in me to be better than average
If I ever want to be known as a person that gives
People reason to remember why the hell they have it
Static cling to the friction we hold on to the magic
That Had that zing that punch line scripted by the ad lib
It Was just as adequate if better well than that's it
That's all enough call it folks so tragic
I go the road of know shows dirty and unfolded cloths
Courtesy of composted wordy trying to speak in pros
Stories that sound so much better when there never told
The cure to illnesses close to me the cheddar gold
Glitters like a carrot on a stick gassing nordictrack
Living with my sichy like a third string quarterback
All good I never had the drive in me to order that
Good life so good bye this one was for the sport of rap.
Track Name: Just key beating (produced by Dope Sick Beats)
Henry noticed Ethel as her face turned blue.
Are you ok? but it was clear there was nothing he could do
Is their a doctor in the house started giving her mouth to mouth
When someone who knew better pulled her ass on to the ground
The patrons who sat around her Jesus its such a downer
Garson would you mind bring me more chowder
Breathe damn it breathe please you can't leave
Excuse me keep it down were trying to eat
Paramedics rush in the soda gets spilled
Services was done justice bringing them re fills
A cheep thrill turns it from a dinner to a show
A justified specticle someone they didn't know
26 minutes no blood to the head
Henry could see the finish can you bring us more bread?
Confusion meets terror as her life force was fleeting
A loss for course or action other than keep eating

Civilian mother fuckers will surly see it as greedy

Don't they understand I'm hungry and time is fleeting

I don't want be the only person in the room
With a rumble in his tummy and nothing that he can do
So in tune with the problem with my fork and my spoon

I will learn to clear my own plate.

O so sweetly removed from the tragedy
Sadly I blame YouTube for the averaging
Had to be much more personal to grab at me
Savage the means for survival by stabbing meat
Don't you understand this situation gravity
Mad that he still had fries in the bag as he
Try's to out run fire in a hope some
Good good Sammy would offer him a cold one
Creature of instinct habit and a thin link
Empathy is best washed down with a big drink
Shovel in the pie hole love it when the trial
Follows me into the eatery that I go
Swallow what I can when it's awkward and unstable
Dad just punched out mom at the dinner table
Kids don't know how to process what they are seeing
But there is food on the plate so it's natural to keep eating
Track Name: Hollywood (produced by Snack One)
Dealing with a fear of normal normally keeping a tabs on another page online
Open to a Perez Hilton article about another way to find
Something in the lives other cover story's made to save some time
Feeling like a part of something better than the life I was given they have my
Complete attention I pretend to mention names when company oblige
Sending me the message come and join us as I lust that way of life
Sick of escaping in the lives of other want other to escape in mine
Thinking I'm so special as I walk the trestle acting like it's Hollywood at night
Stars are my best friends
Practice my exception
Speech all I need is to get them to recognize I'm one of the guys swallowed in a pride never coming second
Time that you made some time to be more inclined to respect it
I'm Randy Quade on YouTube I'm famous I am unglued
I'm important I am wanted I avoid it I am comments
I am substance I am meaning I am hip with all the pre teens
I am likes and I am retweets I am spite from all the elite
Bradly cooper called me on my two way today just what I ate for lunch
Martha Stewart acted with me in on an SNL skit and we laughed a bunch
All the famous people love Me I'm so cool simple and down to earth
It's only natural I get seen for the man that I been since birth
I can have a drug addiction and it's makes you love me more
I can make you forget what the fuck it was you were trying to forget it for
George and the colonies bob and the hopes
Lord me in movies gods sniffing coke
Hoards that will screw me over leave me broke
Bores me to loony but I'm keeping hope
Comeback story glorifying my life staring fucking Jamie Foxx
More better coverage for ever love it more reported than Amanda Knox
It stops when I let it never settle bet it doesn't get much in the way of luck
It doesn't matter because I matter Hollywood could really give a fuck
I think I'm in line thinking that my time is still ahead of me it sucks
When it hits you prime is official hind sight sets seems like it's there to call your bluff
But nothing really matter but the fact I matter validation comes from my trust
Being just another number will never ever ever ever ever be enough
Track Name: IWSNT (music by Panic at the Disco)
Lyrics:O we'll imagine, never look back
to the time on back porch hearing my dad
On a cordless phone with his friend and alone
Avoiding home trying to beat Nintendo
please can we keep this innocent and civil
Mom on the front porch answering the riddle
Who came first was it god or the devil
God no please keep out the middle
I rock that cute kid demeanor
Hopping they realize how much need a
Break I wish for divorce
Hearing my brother join on the porch
Neither of us privy to what was in store
More and more difficult to simply ignore
This train wreck coming toys on the floor
Voice in my ear scorned down to the core

Can't you see that we are kids don't need to hear this shit
As long as you can understand that this is what we have to live with

When we are grown ups this picture will never go cuz
We use to define what love is and these emotions

I know my friends will think this lame
But I don't care I need to explain
That a long long time love was a trust thing
Heavy as ring and a punch to the gut sing
Like huh breath in hold it breath it out
like huh and we seem to seek out
Reasons why we relate to sad songs
Escape feeling that mom did dad wrong
Had me and Bo in twilight sand storm
Grown up cold to the notion of a damned heart
Beat beat beat beat stop beating
Bags are packed and the better half is leaving
Better then option of at home screaming
Better not talk till the mouth stops pleading

We stay together for the kid
as if that's what we assume sanctuary is
We do our best to try and fit
together but people are people now we must enlist
This act of patience omitting relations
and this creates a tension is set up just for the breaking
I do my best to let it slip we invested to this
if we see a better gift than two people throwing fits
60 percent of people can't all evil, thinking there is forever is crippling make you feeble, and leaving you out of options when all you want is to talk and then walk among the rosebushes said then and called it stalking but stop it.
Track Name: Anthem (produced by Sam Gouthro)
It'd be nice to have an anthem
the kind of thing that lets me know we have an understanding
The kind of song that tells you so I dont to put your hands in
The Epic chase, the getaway, the stalk holm, and the ransom
Dance to make it awkward doing the George Castanza
Wiping clean the chalkboard re writing the tangent
Stand to make a lot more attempts to take advantage
Of the tiny platform I was given by romantics
I would let this song stand as proof I am not crazy
Let this play on as the truth does not save me
Say the road less traveled makes a man of me
Lay the foundation support beams and the plan to be
The sound track to a start again theme song to a breakthrough
Plugs into the hearts of men a place they can escape to
A requiem for love songs, emotion at its finest
Tell me it's been sung wrong and I just have to find it

I will be more of a realist
Time killed hell bent to conceal this
But I seem to find that I'm fine with this dance
feeling the kindness of time verse the way it can steal things

It would be nice to get some good news
Even if it only serves as novel of how i could use
This awkward silence as an interlude for great things
Watch a smile lift confirms that it's been worth waiting
The band plays on forever and the ball keeps on rotating
The standard for the metronome that keeps an even pacing
In my chest I can't express it though so you'll just have to take these
For what they're worth and it aint much but note my hands are shaking
And I could take the time to explain why I can't stop the movement
But instead I'll let words fall short and let the music do it
To do the talking for me this mouth will stay shut
Until the record hits the paper and you feel you heard enough
Turn to what my heroes said they said best it's just a quote
I will be here today confess I must be left alone
So I ask you this anthem this requiem this musical
I reference when I can't explain, I know it just sounds beautiful
Track Name: Pumped Up Shoes (music by Forster the People banjo by Luke "Banjomin" Roberts
No thanks I'd rather eat alone
Don't trip from here I got a great view of your thrown
Torn some pages i wish it wasn't yours though
Soar throat days spent trying to go the hell home
They don't understand Robert don't think like them
There is only one way that this might end
Poppa got a little shoe box no locks to stop what's inside
Inside is so enlightened
Frightened every single day of his life been fighting
Bully's and evading the likeness nights spent
Plotting a revenge on the right men right then
Couldn't quite refrain from excitement tightened
Knots in his stomach as the light dims
He got bullets so fuck if they don't like him
Fear and love see saw strong for attention
Reaction, protection, distraction, prevention
Tension builds as the plot gets thick
Those with the luck said he lost his shit
But as sure as we are the clock still ticks
Shots were subjective and cost is a bitch
But the loss doesn't fit the idea of a Nobel plan
Suddenly so alone boy with gun in hand
Face like skeleton never to become a man
Tipping point past now alas to the wonderland

Fuck you fuck you fuck you you're cool I'm out
Your school i doubt fortune
bares down on me mom be forceful
I make friends but I of course do
not want to be their routine torture
Fodder for them boys who really do support true
self hate I am counting shells
And timing exits out with bells
This will go down how I have planned it
No one here able to abandon
Me no more for I'll be standing
In that door weapon in hand give
Me just one single reason not to do this
My 2nd grade bestie e tu Brutus
Watched me eating all alone in aloofness
Allusive left me behind for the cool kids

I won't be waiting for, things to change they will always be the same
I will fall to floor, know my name, they will always be afraid
Track Name: Delusions are Grand Here (produced by Snack One)
I had a cold walk past that class I was absent from
It's warm in there cold out here so I have to front
Like this was good call to evade my education
I guess I could stall age is wisdom that's why I'm waiting
Money well spent on not really remembering
Will smith and his son in that bathroom just trembling
Pursuing happiness avoiding Dino's pretending see
My dinosaurs are very real to me and then there rings
The bell telling me that I've committed to a low life
A quote in the great book of reap what you sow I
Keep walking to enjoy this town, in a context
I have avoided it actually is a contest
I have to ask myself if this is what I wanted
To be honest my convictions barely ever keep their promise
But that is on me Away from my schooling I make haste
As I'm busy cutting off my fucking nose just to spite my face

Smooth just like an grease ball
Recall every single complement to keep fault
Away from me because i have placed a cease all
Complacently replace bad with weak calls
And build my self up, nope it gets no higher than this
I am the only reason that I exist
And if that be the case it's important that I sit
Upon a healthy bed of laurels and impose the shit
Who exactly am I trying to convince
You distract me from the fact that I'm invince
Able safe to say to say that I am full of bull
Pull a wooly hood dull my senses to the skull
I'll fuck my own life up enough thank you very much
Till the day we meet again it's nice for you to keep in touch
But this cat thinks he is too cool for class
Absent from school and confused why he didn't pass
Track Name: Summer (produced by Snack One)
The curtain draws to show a stage set just like a classroom
The children at the desks the teacher starts to ask who
Would like to read today's assignment in the back two
Hands go up in silence while the others try to act cool
The script calls the dialogue by drowned by the inner thoughts
Of one kid in particular as a spotlight makes sure what is lost,
Is the sense of innocents the voice is all grown up
It then delivers this speech like it atones us
soon marks Another summer,
another place in time that in time will hold me under
Inclined to fight my number and I don't run for cover
I got that from the kid in me if he was not that stubborn
Summer was a time to escape all of my problems
Now it's simply marked by June and ends sometime in august
Vacation is a state of mind it's all I ever wanted
For some reason I had in mind it happened after college

Lights go out hands rush changing walls and desks a such
All is silhouetted in blue light it with just enough
Of red return the actors the lights come up abrupt
We see a room of 20 something's finger pen to paper touch

Taking notes from the book their professor had wrote
The spotlight falls on a young man looking up he starts to quote
Soon marks another summer, I'll be going home
Couldn't wait to show my mom and dad exactly how much I had grown
For the last time after this I'm done defining purpose
When ahead lied my potential 110 percent
Of my attention focused on becoming a person
Back when slogans in p.e. We're nothing more than words
Friends were so important your values you kept in lists
Seems I see them having children and know what I am missing
We're once lied empathy now a sense of envy
Decisions of my identity seem a lot more heavy
Now I'm too old to even try and blame this on my youth
It's not a form of growth this is me becoming who
I will be be it not for the rest of my life
The was the point thati assumed I had finally got it right
I was wrong admits the chorus as the student gets distracted
Speaking on behalf of my future I have crafted
I can't say for certain I was there closes the curtain
Intermission snacks getting ready for the third wind

Spotlight curtain shut draws open sure enough
A lone standing sole it's the kid we saw all grown up
With look of disappointment he can no longer run from
Taking off his coat he says hello summer has come
And there is no great celebration to look forward to
All there is is me and I'm sorry if this is boring you
I used see the change of the season brings great things
So much time wasted I was just waiting p
For what? For this to stand here and talk to you
Explain in public forum that I did not all I could do
So I'm sorry you the fourth wall and if this seems cheep

But all justification for giving me what I need.
Speaking for my past for the failure that I achieved
Track Name: Go the Fuck Home
Go the Fuck Home.