Diamonds and Gold (Produced by Daniel Hoffman)

by Eliquate



A song about the seductive isolation that social media enables, and the disconnect that occurs between old friends as time goes by.


Accumulating numbers counting we wonder in direct direction
10,000 friend request and o so few real connections
I read somewhere that there's a limit on where we placed face to names
When numbers reach 1000 plus by nature then you have to fake
The context the fabricated meeting so you can't dismiss it
Make room for the handful of folk vouching for your existence
Then like that, gone. Nothing stays consistent
Except the great beyond and that feeling like I missed it
And the Status reads r.i.p. so in so, so it goes
The avatar is left the message board stands in for the sole
Soon becomes the status that's ubiquitous amongst all my friends
It's a tough blow when Facebook tells you that your friends are dead
A subtle inference that perhaps better attention
Is deserved at least in instances of post-mortem prevention
It all becomes a race to find an easy way to let go
Solace is escape seeking refuge in my headphones

Its as simple as goodbye

And now I'm lost or should I say that I am at a loss
For words to say the least and I am breathing up exhaust
And can't see how you react to things when those things are off corse
So I don't know if it's ok to give my reasons for remorse
I should have called, we should have called, but all of that's just too involved
So I'll react in silent judgement and post some shit on to your wall
I'm scared and all of this ill tell you it's all here
Fear of change fear of death fear of life fear of fear
But it don't have to be and actually can tackle me by ear
And that's exactly what's happening with the passing years
Right now in wiping my agenda, it's time we just got caught up
And quest for referendums from the ones that go un thought of.

Hello, how are you? I know we've been apart too
long for this really feel natural and all
all I can say is that... I'm actually appalled
at the fact it's been so long since the last time I called
and at the way I reduce myself to habit and the creature
banking on a level it seems I failed to reach yet
when I famous, I'll be glad that I sat and watched those screens
instead of reaching out to friends afraid that they'd be watching me
and there is so much banking on a hypothetical
instance in which I hit my potential
today is about me, just me, and that's it.
Tomorrow is about myself and my assumptions
that something great is waiting and I just need to keep faith
all this wasted time is important in a deep way
I deserve it... God damn it I deserve it.


released December 12, 2015
Big ups to the producer Daniel Hoffman a.k.a dope! sick beats.


all rights reserved



Eliquate Santa Cruz, California

“If all we have are dreams, then dream big,” spits Elliot Wright, frontman and philosopher for the five-piece, California Beat Rock troubadours, Eliquate, on their latest EP, Who The F*ck is Eliquate? Packing an arsenal of rhymes that range from satirical social commentary and inner-soul searching to all-out, shake-your-ass-‘til-the floor-is-wet jams... ... more

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