My Stupid Face (produced by Ian Keller)




I wrote this song during a transition in my life that has since profoundly shaped who I am. I have spent a lot of time beating the crap out of myself, thinking that was a necessary part of becoming a man. Self deprecation has seldom done me any favors... well except this song.
Ian Keller, you're a beast on the beat.


we sat and chatted yapping just like two addicts
Talking about tomorrow and how it's gonna be magic
I love this song you're my best friend the habit
Had a way of tossing opinions in place of where the dad lives
To the way side, everything is good, right? Not quite
Everything is only good enough and there's a Stop light
That dances red to yellow skipping green I'm socked right
In MY STUPID FACE my mouth is now locked tight
Not gonna talk about nothing, I think I'm so smart
Got to admit I'm reluctant a bump of blow heart
Skips skips the beat keep the good vibes coming
Keep the songs about fortune now why should I stomach
This army of important subsided self indulgence
Knowing that I avoided all that it took to Reverend Run shit
Redundant is about as under as you could state it
Carbon copied identical re creations

Gotta a lot of stops i feel my way
Though not a lot of talk on me today
I get to play the lost over looked food chain
Serving service at the bottom in my cool days

Not every loss has to cost so much
Not every single set back come equipped with a break down
Not every person thinks I lost my touch
Not every well lit tunnel is offering me a way out
Say out loud how I wish I was awake now
21 his behind youth but 28 now
Stay proud but can't say there was a pay out
Yesterday's tomorrow is the reason I hate today how
Could she say to me love will find a way we make believe
That everyone is worthy of living out a god damned dream
if seeing is believing I believe I have seen enough
to know that it's on me my close peers have called my bluff
The "H" word every rapper hates it but it's obvious
Some of will be resigned to calling this a hobby just
Don't forget that you proclaimed to do it for the love
When you post you're shit on Facebook and still nobody gives a fuck


released January 8, 2016
Ian Keller on the beat


all rights reserved



Eliquate Santa Cruz, California

“If all we have are dreams, then dream big,” spits Elliot Wright, frontman and philosopher for the five-piece, California Beat Rock troubadours, Eliquate, on their latest EP, Who The F*ck is Eliquate? Packing an arsenal of rhymes that range from satirical social commentary and inner-soul searching to all-out, shake-your-ass-‘til-the floor-is-wet jams... ... more

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